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KYY 14" Triple Portable Monitor X90

KYY 14" Triple Portable Monitor X90

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Windows System Only: KYY X90 triple portable monitor is only designed for Windows systems, applicable for 12-16" laptops. You can easily achieve 1 screen to 3 screens workstation only using one USB-C cable for connection. Sometimes only need 2 screens to use? Don’t worry! Each screen of this portable laptop monitor can be turned off, adjusted, and awaken independently. Simply switch from tripe-screen to dual-screen. Compatible with Windows 12/11/10/8.1/7 systems.
One Cable Connection: The laptop screen extender features a full-function Type-C port and a power supply Type-C port. You only need a USB C to USB C cable to control both 2 screens at the same time. No drivers are needed, plug and play. Say goodbye to cumbersome connection processes and redundant cables and start your work more smartly and quickly even when traveling. Note: The Type-C port on your laptop should support video output or the portable monitor will fail to be connected.
Easy to Use Design: KYY portable travel monitor comes with a stable built-in kickstand, which supports a 90°max adjustable angle for your flexible viewing demands. The rubber mat efficiently reduces the risk of slipping and fully supports the whole triple monitor. Each screen of this laptop monitor extender supports 0-210°rotation, making it easy to share the screen with your colleagues and friends in all directions in a more simple way.
Multi-Using Mode: This portable dual monitor supports extended/ mirror/ portrait/ single 2nd screen/ pre mode, offering you a smarter way for multi-tasking or screen sharing helping you increase the working efficiency by 300%. In extended mode, you can easily manage multiple applications, different programs, and various documents in a neat workbench. An ideal choice for you to extend or mirror your laptop when traveling or outsides.
1080P FHD IPS Monitor: With 1080P FHD IPS panel, the 14’’ dual monitor offers you 16.7M color, 300 nit brightness, 72% NTSC color gamut, and 1:1000 contrast ratio, bringing you a clearer and more true-to-life picture. With blue light protection tech, it effectively reduces blue light radiation damage and makes it comfortable to watch for a long time. Not like the preset screen values? Simply adjust the RGB, brightness, contrast, etc. by the buttons on the panel based on your preference.

It is time to update your workstation! Try KYY X90 Laptop Monitor Extender

Dual Screen Setup: KYY dual portable monitor extends your laptop to multi-screen synchronization and multi-screen differential display, allowing you to handle different tasks at the same time. Stay organized and easily manage multiple applications and windows on a single laptop using a triple-screen laptop.
One cable achieves 1 to 3 screens: Only one USB C cable is needed for easy 3-screen use. You don't need to install a driver, plug and play. This laptop portable monitor greatly facilitates multitasking at work or sharing screens in conference rooms and improves work efficiency by up to 300%.
Travel on-the-go partner: No matter what your job is: manager, office worker, video editor, graphic designer, stock market analyst, or freelancer, having an X90 portable triple monitor can help you shine. It does not limit the use of the place- whether you need it at home, office, meetings, travel work, or outdoor data processing, you can easily master it. With it, you no longer suffer from tedious page switching and display limitations.
Increase Viewing Comfort: KYY portable laptop monitor features a High Colour Gamut, 300cd/m² Brightness, and a Contrast Ratio: 1000: 1, this 14'' 1080P FHD IPS screen will provide richer colors and clear images. It is perfect for use in multi-person conferencing, code writing, stock analysis, travel work, academic research, and video conferencing.
Your Best Work Assistant: X90 computer monitor supports multi modes: extended/ mirror/ portrait/ single 2nd screen/ pre mode. And it has a complete 360° rotating display mode. Each screen can be individually adjusted for desirable viewing angles to adapt to various scenarios.

KYY X90 Triple Laptop Screen Extender for 300% Productivity
Designed for Windows systems, to support 12-16-inch laptops (diagonal length). Only need one USB C cable to achieve 1 screen to 3 screens with mirrored and extended modes, provide the best solutions for multi-tasking and mobile workspace.

1080P Advanced IPS Panel: Built-in two high resolution IPS screens, the dual portable monitor provides immersive viewing and with eye protection features, allows you to work a long time without eye fatigue.

Adjustable Built-in Kickstand: Equipped with a max 90° adjustable flexible kickstand, it is sturdy enough to support the monitor. You can adjust the height of the kickstand to meet your viewing angle during use.

Flexible Design for 12-16" Laptops: Made of aluminum alloy, the portable screen is designed for 12 -16" laptops and can be flexibly used on your office computer or home computer. No clamp design, not limited by your laptop height. You can move your computer and screen freely at will.

Mirror Mode: The compact structure and good resolution bring perfect picture quality and sturdy support, you can easily mirror your video or file to share, and you can enjoy the big screen viewing experience very easily. Perfect for triple screen sharing.

Extend Mode: KYY X90 Dual Portable Monitor features with USB C port, it needs just one USB-C to USB C cable and lets you view and control your computer by using the 14-inch larger screen to watch a movie or complete complex multi-tasks such as editing documents.

Presentation Mode: The Laptop Screen Extender with two 1080P IPS panels. Each screen can rotate the monitor from 0 to 210° for a better viewing experience. In Metting, easier and more efficient to share your ideas and documents, closer together for better communication.

Portrait Mode: No drivers need! The tri-screen monitor for laptop is plug & play, only need one cable to connect. It can work in both landscape and portrait mode by setting on your devices, delivering you a perfect viewing experience when browsing, editing, or watching.

What's in the box

  • 1 x 14in X90 Portable Dual Monitor
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-A Cable
  • 1 x 5V/3A Power Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual


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